VoIP Softphone for Windows Mobile

VoIP Softphone for Windows Mobile


Software client for Windows Mobile handsets, full list of supported mobiles can be found here

Main features:

  • Making and receiving SIP calls
  • Built-in tunnel for passing through VoIP blockades (optional)*
  • Sending and receiving SMS*
  • Support for touch screen
  • Integrated contacts from the phone
  • Redial
  • Balance information*
  • Destination, rate*
  • Time, call status logs
  • Last calls log
  • Support for Codecs G729, GSM and G711
  • Loudspeaker or GSM speaker
  • Connectivity through WIFI, 3G, EDGE and GPRS
  • Conference call (Up to three users)
  • Digits Interception (Dialer pops up once dialing from the phone’s “Dial pad” or choosing a number from the phone’s “Contact list”)*

In addition:

The full version is customized and it points only to the IP or URL of the provider so that users do not have to configure it manually thus they are limited to use the predefined SIP server only. The softphone, as a white-label branded solution, is offered to VoIP providers with an unlimited number of licences for their end-users.

The tunnel decreases the bandwidth usage, hence significantly improving voice quality in weak internet access conditions. The tunnel enables communication in all scenarios, i.e. for making and receiving calls from blocked areas e.g. Dubai in UAE.

Communication with the server can be either over SIP messages or through HTTP.

We offer also customization of the softphones functionality by adding support for external address book(in various formats), presence features for PBX and other.

Windows Mobile dialer retail version:

Generic version of our Vippie Windows mobile dialer. It can work almost with any SIP servertherefore the users must configure the app by entering their SIP server details.
Please visit our retail shop in order to purchase the application